NCPEID Feature Article–The Effects of Adapted Physical Education Practicums on Pre-Service Physical Education Teachers’ Confidence


  • Mihye Jeong
  • Martin Block
  • So-Yeun Kim
  • Hyunkyoung Oh
  • Hyo-Kyung Lee


Pre-service physical educator, physical education teacher education, disabilities, practicum


Understanding pre-service physical educators’ experience during adapted physical education practicum experience is important to strengthen effectiveness of the adapted physical education practicum experience. This study was to examine if pre-service physical educators’ confidence levels in teaching students with disabilities significantly changed after practicum experience and what factors were significantly related to pre-service physical educators’ confidence level after completing their adapted physical education practicum experience. A total of 190 pre-service physical educators completed questionnaires before and after their adapted physical education practicum. Multiple regression analysis revealed that the four predictors explained 38% of the variance, F(4, 184) = 29.72.12, p< .01, R = .62, R² = .38. Satisfaction of the practicum (? = .46) and confidence before the practicum (? = .21) were significant predictors of pre-service physical educators’ confidence. However, pre-service physical educators’ previous experience and quality of previous experience were not significant predictors of confidence after the practicum in this study.Subscribe to PALAESTRA





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