Sports Bars and ADA Compliance: Analyzing Accessibility for Places of Building Social Identity


  • Michaela Lindsly
  • Kristyn Tallo
  • Joshua R. Pate
  • Jeremy J. Foreman
  • Olivia Larkins


Americans with Disabilities Act, sports bar, accessibility, disability


People with disabilities are 40% less likely to dine out, they have fewer social relationships, and spend more time at home due to barriers faced as a result of ADA noncompliance by public facilities, including sports bars. Sports bars serve as a place for socialization for people with similar interests to gather together. The purpose of this study was to (a) identify common accessibility issues in sports bars and (b) assess what type of sports bars are more likely to experience those issues. Results are discussed, and implications support the rationale for this study to better understand how sports bars can be a place of social identity for people with disabilities.Subscribe to PALAESTRA





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