Creating an Inclusive CrossFit Environment for Children with Developmental Disabilities


  • Janette Hynes


The purpose of this article is to communicate how a CrossFit class for children can include children with a developmental disability (DD), the general set-up of these classes, and the many ways to modify exercises and programs to be as inclusive as possible. This article uses the CrossFit gym, Bourbon Barrel CrossFit (BBCF), as an example of what a Kid CrossFit Program can look like, and how this program is promoting fitness and learning for children of all capabilities. The program at BBCF has been successfully including children of all physical and cognitive abilities in one class setting, and has demonstrated how beneficial this sort of programming is to all involved. An important aspect that sets BBCF apart from basic fitness classes for kids, is that it is run by two behavioral therapists who first began the Kid Program in 2015, guided by their expertise in behavioral therapy and physical fitness. This unique expertise provides an excellent example of how to create an inclusive environment for children and athletes of all capabilities in a CrossFit program. 

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