Cri du Chat Syndrome and Fundamental Movement Skills


  • Emily M. Ford
  • Nicole J. Luymes
  • Paula C. Fletcher
  • Pamela J. Bryden


Cri du Chat Syndrome (CdCS) is a genetic disorder resulting in physical, social, and cognitive impairments. Practicing fundamental movement skills (FMS) provides a developmental foundation that has been proven to positively impact overall development in the lives of individuals with disabilities. However, CdCS has yet to be investigated within this context. This case-study of an individual with CdCS investigated FMS and social behaviours during an adapted physical activity (APA) program. Findings demonstrated social and task behaviours that influenced Megan’s progression through the APA program. As well, revealed incongruencies between standard FMS developmental levels and individuals with CdCS. These findings have limited generalizability but should be considered for future physical activity program structure and instruction.

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