An Exploratory Study to Promote Intersectional: Inclusion in and Through Martial Arts


  • Gerard Masdeu Yelamos
  • Aisling Clardy
  • Catherine Carty
  • Da Yeong Lee


Capacity building, human rights, disabilities, gender, coaching, martial arts


Global policies are calling for inclusion, and the sports sector is reinforcing the call via the Kazan Action Plan. Martial arts are traditionally male dominated yet have great potential as a vehicle for promoting health and well-being of all, including those living with disability. This study used an online survey of martial arts practitioners (n = 85) to evaluate a major challenge in the sport sector, namely the lack of inclusive professional preparation. Eighty-seven percent of respondents had no or less than one-year experience working with individuals with disabilities, and over 80% declared to have interest in learning more. This high level of expressed need and readiness calls for inclusion within martial arts training programmes.

Author Biography

Catherine Carty

Catherine Carty is the manager at the UNESCO Chair Munster Technological University. 





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