A University-Based VA Adaptive Sport Camp: Perceived Program Quality and Need Satisfaction Among Military Veterans with Disabilities


  • Young Suk Oh Clemson University
  • Margaret Domka Clemson University
  • Dr. Skye G. Arthur-Banning Clemson University
  • Dr. Barry A. Garst Clemson University


Military veterans with disabilities, university- based camp, adaptive soccer, perceived program quality, need satisfaction


Little research has been done on the efficacy of adaptive sport programming for military veterans with disabilities based on the environment in which the programming is implemented. The purpose of this study is to assess the efficacy of a university-based setting for an adaptive soccer camp focusing on playing and coaching adaptive soccer skill development and culminating in grassroots soccer coaching certification. Additionally, this study evaluated program effectiveness in addressing the needs of the camp participants. Results indicate that a university-based setting has several attributes that make it an operative adaptive sport camp setting in meeting the programmatic need satisfaction requirements of the participants.





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