Therapy on the Water: Universal Access Sailing at Boston’s Community Boating


  • Gary C. du Moulin
  • Marcin Kunicki
  • Charles Zechel


The sport of sailing provides unique physical and mental challenges to individuals with disabilities.  This underreported therapeutic activity constitutes challenges that play out in a natural setting where the unpredictability of wind and water present an extraordinary environment where adventure, mobility, and freedom enhance the rehabilitative process.  Motor skills, coordination, self confidence as well as a host of other therapeutic goals may be achieved.  This report describes the evolution of Boston’s Community Boating Universal Access Program (UAP), serving those with physical and developmental disabilities.  During the past six years, CBI has provided a unique and exhilarating experience to over 1,500 sailors with a wide range of physical and cognitive disabilities and is structured to accomplish therapeutic and recreational goals through the uniqueness of the sailing experience.



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