Planning a Health and Field Day Event For Children and Youth With Moderate to Severe Disabilities


  • Judy Chandler
  • Jenifer Thorn
  • Korey Boyd
  • Cheryl Evers


Children with moderate to severe disabilities are often left out when planning for events at school or those that occur off of the school campus.  This article will focus on the additional planning and management activities that are required to develop and implement a Health and Field Day event designed specifically for school based populations with moderate to severe disabilities.  The following additional tasks and considerations are addressed:  how are volunteers trained to implement activities; what are facility considerations that must be taken into account; what are health and hygiene concerns that must be considered; what is involved in planning the individual stations; and what is required to insure that the event is safe and secure? This article addresses each of these issues and describes the planning required for an annual Health and Field Day Event for children and youth with moderate to severe educational disabilities.



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