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Ball Size and Distance as Constraints in Prep Wheelchair Basketball Free Throws

Robert J. Szyman, Gail Ito, Doug Garner, Blanca Muñoz, Justy Reed


Many National Wheelchair Basketball Association (NWBA) Prep players cannot successfully perform a free throw. This study examined basketball size and free throw distance on free throw outcomes for two samples of Prep wheelchair basketball players: an initial sample (N = 41) comparing a NCAA women's basketball (WB) and an official junior basketball (JB) at 13 and 10 ft from the hoop and another sample (N = 20) comparing the WB, JB, and the Spalding Rookie Gear ball (SRGB) at the same two distances. In both samples, participants performed better with a smaller and lighter ball and at a closer distance to the hoop. Findings tend to support the use of body-scaled basketballs for NWBA Junior Division Prep players since the subjects slightly more that 20% of the total population of Prep players in the USA. 


basketball; disability; free throw

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