Encouraging Disability Appreciation Among Physical Education, Teacher Education Students Through Practical Simulation: A Pilot Study


  • Timothy Baghurst Oklahoma State University


adapted physical education, APE, classroom infusion, Physical Education Teacher Education


Physical education teachers are expected to educate all students including those with disabilities. However, this can be challenging particularly when a future, novice, or current teacher does not appreciate or understand the challenges that a person with a disability may experience both in the physical education setting and in everyday life. Therefore, to foster disability appreciation among nine future physical educators enrolled in a college physical education program, a class assignment was designed to provide each participant with a 24-hour experience of living with a disability. Participants video recorded their experiences, and summary journals were transcribed and analyzed for themes. Resulting themes included Specific Experiences, Learning Outcomes, and Disability Appreciation. Themes are discussed and compared with current literature. Practical application and future research opportunities are suggested for others seeking to encourage practical experience that fosters disability appreciation in an adapted physical education class. 





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