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Stand Up Paddle Board for People With Visual Impairments

Margarita Fernández-Vivó, Ibrahim Cordero-Morales


Camp Abilities is a one-week developmental sports camp for children and youth who are blind, visually impaired, and/or deafblind, that is conducted by colleagues all over the world. In summer of 2012, the directors of Camp Abilities Puerto Rico (CAAMp Abilities) included instruction in Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP), with amazing results.  SUP is a water sport that is spreading in popularity all over the world, and everybody can participate with little or no modifications.  SUP gives people with visual impairments the opportunity to enjoy an inclusive activity at the same time they are improving their overall fitness.  This article provides ideas regarding safety, proper equipment and effective teaching techniques to make SUP for people with visual impairments a meaningful and successful experience.


stand up paddleboard, visual impairments, disabilities, adapted aquatics

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