The International Federation of Adapted Physical Activity: Historical Perspectives Part 1


  • Greg Reid


International Federation of Adapted Physical Activity, International Symposium of Adapted Physical Activity, history


 The International Federation of Adapted Physical Activity (IFAPA) has three purposes: international cooperation, promoting and stimulating research, and dissemination of adapted physical activity knowledge. This historical paper describes the emergence and growth of these three purposes by IFAPA. It also explores IFAPA’s progress from a small organization based in Québec to an international corporation with active regional federations in Europe, North America, and Asia, and delegates from over 50 countries at some of its symposia. Events, people, and influencing factors are outlined in five time periods: precursor context, 1960-1973; beginnings, 1973-1981; awkward adolescence, 1981-1989; maturing procedures and international growth, 1989-1999, and; strategic planning and technology, 1999-2012. The present paper, Part 1, deals with the initial three time periods while Part 2 (the next issue of PALAESTRA ) will cover the final two as well as changes across the biennial IFAPA symposia.