Effects of Three Levels of Test Fidelity on the Performance of the 20-M PACER Test for Children with Intellectual Disabilities: A Pilot Investigation


  • Jaehwa Kim
  • Ron Davis
  • Ron French
  • Lloyd Kinnison
  • Lisa Silliman-French
  • Tammy Stephens


assessment, PACER, verbal encouragement, co-actor


The purpose of this investigation was to determine if the test administration methods (i.e., PACER beeps only; PACER beeps with co-actor; and PACER beeps with verbal encouragement) in the PACER Test of the FITNESSGRAM influence the performance scores of children and youth with intellectual disabilities. Participants were 13 youth (7 female; 6 male) with mild to moderate intellectual disabilities (IQ 37-73). Based on the results, there was no statistical difference between the numbers of laps completed by participants between the three different test administration methods. However, caution must be used due to possible limitations of the study design.



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