What's Fear Got to do With the Three Cs of APE?


  • Brian Kooiman


Fear, care, comfort, confidence, adapted physical education/activity, inclusion


Participation in physical education (PE) is the goal for every student not just an ideal. The instructions from policymakers indicate that a student with unique abilities should have access to general or specially designed physical education unless their unique abilities preclude their participation. This mandate is often accompanied by apprehension and fear for teachers, paraprofessionals, administrators, students, and parents (stakeholders) as they deal with questions and concerns about how to include a student with unique abilities in PE. Adapted physical education (APE) specialists need to help dissipate and avert these fears and concerns for PE to succeed. This can be done when the APE specialist takes the time to provide a level of care that helps to overcome fear producing a comfort that leads to confidence. Fear may be best addressed when the APE specialist follows the three Cs of APE: care, comfort, and confidence. 





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