The Usage of Mosston’s Spectrum Styles of Teaching for Students with Autism


  • Brandon McIntire New Mexico State University


ASD, adapted physical education (APE), physical education (PE), teaching styles


Physical educators have the ever-demanding task of formulating new and innovative approaches to enable the distinct uniqueness of not only all students in physical or adapted physical education, but especially students with ASD. One such approach that can be utilized by educators is Mosston’s Spectrum teaching styles; these styles embody a process that consist of a very structured approach, and then progressively formulates a path of autonomy on the subsequent progressing teaching styles. To accommodate the uniqueness of characteristics demonstrated by students with ASD, Mosston’s teaching styles allows them to either progress through the full spectrum of styles or start on a style that is more conducive for their abilities and circumstances. This article present a review of the disability of autism, the spectrum styles of teaching, and sample styles with fictitious scenarios. 

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