Let’s Get Moving: Using Children’s Literature to Support Physical Activity and Readiness Skills


  • Michaelene M. Ostrosky University of Illinois
  • Paddy C. Favazza University of Massachusetts Boston
  • Hsiu-Wen Yang University of Illinois
  • Katelyn McLaughlin University of Massachusetts Boston
  • Melissa Stalega University of Massachusetts Boston


Motor movement, physical activity, readiness skills


The early years are the ideal time to support the physical activity level of children while also addressing readiness skills. With growing evidence of the link between physical activity and child development, it is imperative to find ways to routinely support physical activity. However, research has shown that children do not spend enough time in active motor play. This concern is even more critical for children with disabilities who often have challenges with development and physical activity. Strategies are provided to harness routine literacy opportunities so as to promote motor, social, language and cognitive development while increasing physical activity.Subscribe to Palaestra



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