Goalball Showdown: A Small-Sided Game


  • Justin A. Haegele Old Dominion University
  • Will Wiegel Texas Woman’s University


Blindness, visual impairment, sports camps, adapted physical education


The purpose of this paper was to disseminate one option that can act as a small-sided game to teach goalball at a developmental level, called goalball showdown. Young novice athletes tend to demonstrate difficulties participating in full-sided goalball that can affect their overall engagement and effort during game play. This text provides an overview of goalball showdown, and explains how goalball showdown increases engagement and effort levels in youth and beginner athletes. This content can help inform coaches and physical educators of an alternative way to introduce and teach goalball to beginner athletes so they stay engaged and actively participate. 

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Author Biographies

Justin A. Haegele, Old Dominion University

Justin A. Haegele is an assistant professor in the Department of Human Movement Sciences at Old Dominion University. 

Will Wiegel, Texas Woman’s University

Will Wiegel is a graduate student in the Department of Kinesiology at Texas Woman’s University. At the time this article was written, Mr. Wiegel was an undergraduate student at Old Dominion University. Both Haegele and Weigel were staff members at Camp Abilities Alaska
in 2017.





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