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Drums Alive®: A Research-Based, Multi-Disciplinary Drumming Fitness Approach to Brain and Body Health and Wellness

Carrie Ekins, Dean P. Owens


Drums Alive® is the original and only research-based, comprehensive, all-inclusive program in the world that applies drumming fitness protocols in a multi-disciplinary way through physical education, fitness, dance, music education, mindfulness, relaxation and inclusion strategies for the improvement of brain and body health and wellness.  The key to the success of this approach is the implementation of its multiple programs and modules that use music, movement, rhythm and drumming to improve all aspects of life throughout the physiological, psychological, neurological, educational, rhythmical, and socioemotional spectrum in all individuals, regardless of age or socioemotional ability. Its fully active participatory elements are designed to strengthen critical thinking abilities through timely, scientifically based executive functional activities that meet national fitness and general educational requirements.

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Drums Alive;

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