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Overview of the Adaptation Process of the Hungarian National Student Fitness Test to Students with Special Educational Needs

Anita Király, Mónika Kaj, Katalin Kälbli, habil. Tamás Csányi


Since the academic year of 2014/2015, the Hungarian National Student Fitness Test (NETFIT®) served as the compulsory, health-related, criterion-referenced, institutional fitness assessment in grades 5-12 in Hungary. However, the battery was developed to assess typically developing children; therefore, teachers of children with special educational needs could not always comply with the legal requirements, as the battery could not be conducted in many special schools, and the interpretation of the result was difficult. In 2016, the T.E.S.I. 2020 Strategy (Strategic Actions for Health-Enhancing Physical Education or Testnevelés az Egészségfejlesztésben Stratégiai Intézkedések) was accepted by the Government, commissioning the Hungarian School Sport Federation to accomplish the adaptation. This article details the adaptation process of the NETFIT®, and summarizes the methods and the research outcomes.

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Assessment; children with SEN; disability; health-related fitness

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