Physical Activity for Young Adults with ASD: Barriers and Solutions for Caregivers


  • Chad Nichols University of Virginia
  • Martin E. Block University of Virginia
  • Jason C. Bishop Auburn University
  • Brandon McIntire University of Southern Mississippi


Autism spectrum disorder, barriers to activity, motor skills, physical activity


Young adults with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) face many challenges when it comes to being physically active. These challenges may prevent individuals with ASD from the benefits that a lifetime of physical activity can provide. This article identifies five barriers that can prevent young adults with ASD from being physically active (i.e., deficits in motor skills, sedentary behavior and obesity, social and behavior deficits associated with ASD, parental concerns, and lack of appropriate programs).  Each barrier is followed by strategies and solutions to help caregivers and parents overcome those barriers and help their young adults with ASD be physically active.

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