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Rademacher, Joyce
Rademacher, Sarah
Redquest, Brianne K., Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, Toronto
Reed, Justy, Chicago State University
Reed, Tanner
Reeds, Gregory, Canisius College
Reid, Greg
Reinders, Nicole J., Wilfrid Laurier University
Reinford, Val
Reiter, Shunit
Resources, Palaestra
Rich, Jason
Richards, K. Andrew R.
Richards, K. Andrew R., Purdue University
Richards, K. Andrew R., University of Alabama
Rickford, Kara, Syracuse University
Rigby, B. Rhett, Texas Woman’s University
Rigby, B. Rhett, Texas Woman's University
Rimmer, Peter
Rimmer, Peter H.
Ritter, Paul
Rizzo, Terry L.
Robertson, Terry, California State University-Long Beach
Roca, Kayla
Rocco Dillon, Suzanna, Texas Woman’s University

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