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Effect of a Two-Sessions-Per-Week Stretching Program on Hamstring Extensibility in Latino High School Students

Grant M. Hill, Wendy Najera


This study explored the effectiveness of a stretching program on hamstring extensibility among Latino high school students in a physical education (PE) setting. Students, aged 13 to 15, in five required PE classes were assigned to either an experimental group (n = 60) or a control group (n = 42). Experimental students performed a 3-min stretching program twice a week for 9 weeks. Participants hamstring extensibility was recorded at baseline, in the middle (Week 5), and at the end (Week 9) of the stretching intervention program via the FitnessGram sit-and-reach test . The results of t tests revealed a significant improvement for the experimental group from pretest to posttest (p < .002), from posttest to retest (p < .03), and from pretest to retest (p < .0004). In contrast, no significant differences were found for the control group (p > .05). The results suggest PE teachers can improve student hamstring extensibility by incorporating a 3-min, twice-a-week stretching program. 

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hamstring extensibility; Latino high school students; stretching program

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