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Adapting: A Study of Implementing Adaptive Personalized Instruction, Innovation, and Technology From an Instructor’s Perspective

Dustin Duren, Todd Estel Layne, Niki Bray, Carol C. Irwin


As time transforms education, methodology also needs to adapt to course instruction. However, instructors face a challenge to be effective while meeting each student’s learning needs. One such need for students today is the implementation of technological approaches to learning. The purpose of this study was to determine the perceptions of a new instructor in higher education of implementing adaptive learning into their coursework, curriculum, and instruction. Data were collected quantitatively through the Stages of Concern Questionnaire, which showed the participant’s concerns about the implementation of adaptive learning. Qualitative data were collected via interviews with the participant that followed the Levels of Use protocol. The interviews allowed the participant to provide their views and beliefs about adaptive learning. Results show the participant was curious and interested in learning more about adaptive learning and its benefit in their classroom. Future research should focus on how universities can develop approaches to help faculty effectively learn and implement new instructional strategies.

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Adaptive Learning; Higher Education; Physical Education

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