edTPA During Student Teaching: PETE Teacher Candidates’ Experiences and Future Support


  • Tan Leng Goh Central Connecticut State University
  • Jan Bishop Central Connecticut State University
  • Carol Ciotto Central Connecticut State University




university physical education programs, teacher performance assessments, student teaching supervision, teacher educator, university supervisor


Many physical education teacher education programs require teacher candidates to successfully complete edTPA during student teaching. Considering that research remains sparse regarding best practices in edTPA, the purpose of this study was to understand the experiences of teacher candidates completing edTPA during student teaching and of university supervisors supervising teacher candidates during the process. Twenty-four teacher candidates and 11 university supervisors participated in a focus group discussion for approximately 1 hr. Data were analyzed and categorized as (1) negative experiences, (2) positive experiences, and (3) future support. Overall, the teacher candidates felt that completing edTPA diminished their student teaching experience, as it was tedious and time-consuming pertaining to technological difficulties in videotaping, video processing, and video uploading. Nonetheless, the participants felt that completing edTPA was valuable in providing teacher candidates with detailed feedback to improve on their pedagogical skills. Future support for teacher candidates includes integrating edTPA early in their curriculum of study to better prepare them to successfully complete edTPA during student teaching. The university supervisors felt that with more in-depth training in edTPA and experience supervising teacher candidates on edTPA, they would be more competent in the future. 

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