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Strength and Conditioning Facilities in Texas High Schools: A Quantitative Analysis

J. Patrick Marsh, Jeffrey C. Petersen, Lawrence W. Judge


The health and athletic performance benefits of strength training for adolescents have increased the demand for the development and use of strength and conditioning facilities (SCFs) within the high school setting. Despite the growing prevalence of these facilities, research on high school SCFs is limited. Therefore, the purpose of this study was to investigate the space, equipment, usage, and staffing patterns of SCFs in the state of Texas. This examination provided descriptive data on SCFs’ space, equipment, usage, and staffing patterns based upon the state athletic governing body’s six-tier classification level. Significant differences in SCFs’ size and available equipment were determined; as well, facility usage for athletics (99.2%), physical education (24.5%), and community (30.6%) was determined. These results are indicative of the need for additional research on high school SCFs for the establishment of better school standards and best practices.

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fitness; conditioning; weight room

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