Graduate Teaching Assistants’ Experiences Using Digital Media Pedagogies in University Physical Activity Courses


  • Dannon G. Cox University of Northern Colorado
  • Jennifer M. Krause



Graduate Teaching Assistants, College and University Physical Activity Courses, Digital Media, Sport Pedagogy, Case Study


Many college and universities in the United States provide physical activity courses (PAC) for students to earn credit toward graduation. Institutions vary in PACs, as physical activity programs are affected by administrative goals and needs. Although PACs can vary by institution, it is important to examine how PACs can contemporarily address the cultural changes in education and physical activity. This study employed a case study research design and investigated the lived experiences of eight graduate teaching assistants working as PAC instructors at one university. Interview, observational, document collection, and technology journal data were collected throughout a 16-week semester. An interpretative phenomenological analysis of multiple variables, attitudes and beliefs, and pedagogical implementations resulted in four recurrent themes regarding the use of digital media in PACs: (a) experimenting with student engagement, (b) finding meaningful resources, (c) learning Canvas, and (d) valuing video and audio media. This article also provides future considerations around digital resources and professional development opportunities. Subscribe to TPE

Author Biography

Jennifer M. Krause

Associate Professor