Music as a Management Tool in Elementary Physical Education: A Qualitative Investigation


  • David C. Barney Brigham Young University
  • Keven A Prusak Brigham Young University



Music, Classroom Management, Elementary Physical Education


Classroom management is an important aspect for a K–12 teacher in any content area. The same applies in physical education (PE). In PE, there are large spaces, students are moving, and in many cases, equipment (basketballs, rackets, Hula-Hoops, etc.) is involved, thus making PE a unique challenge in regard to classroom management for PE teachers. One tool an elementary PE teacher can use for classroom management is music. For this study, one school administrator, 19 elementary-aged students, and one PE teacher were interviewed about their perceptions of music as a management tool in elementary PE. Findings indicate that students prefer music as a management tool rather than the PE teacher using a whistle or loud voice.

Author Biographies

David C. Barney, Brigham Young University

I have been in higher education since 2001.  I have taught at North Dakota State University, Oklahoma State University and presently at Brigham Young University.  I taught in the Utah & Florida  public school systems for 6 years.

Keven A Prusak, Brigham Young University

Keven currently is an associate profesor at BYU.  Has taught in the public schools for 11 years.