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Do We Need Sportsmanship Education in Secondary School Athletics?

Tomas Green, Carl Gabbard


The concept that “sports builds character” is an acceptable slogan for many sports advocates. Nevertheless, some displays of poor sportsmanship seen
often at sporting events, might lead others to believe that “sports builds characters”. Whether or not today's athletes display fewer acts of  sportsmanship in competition may be uncertain; however, poor sportsmanship
is definitely more evident. Since one of the objectives of secondary school athletic programs is to instill social values such as sportsmanship in our students, it only makes sense that a formal sportsmanship education plan be implemented. Therefore, the following article examines the topic of sportsmanship education with the point of view that sportsmanship should be formally taught in order to be learned. To support this view the following was discussed: definitions of sportsmanship, perceptions of sportsmanship, effect of sport participation on sportsmanship development, and formal sportsmanship

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