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The Effects of Volleyball Software on Female Junior High School Students' Volleyball Performance

Carol Wilkinson, Richard Hillier, Glenna Padfield, Joyce Harrison


The purpose of this study was to examine the volleyball skills of 69 junior  high school girls in response to using a volleyball CD during a 16-day volleyball unit. Two 9th grade classes taught by the same teacher were  selected. Students took pre and post skills tests and written tests covering rules and strategy 0/ the game. Game play was videotaped during the  tournament and successful and unsuccessful trials were recorded. Results showed that all students in both classes significantly improved in the following: forearm pass, set, and underhand serve. The treatment class had significantly higher gain scores in the forearm pass. In game play there were significantly more successful passes/serve, sets/serve, and total  contacts/serve for the treatment class. The treatment class attempted more sets in game play. Survey results revealed that the majority ofthe treatment class felt that using the CD helped improve their motor and cognitive skills.

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