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Quantitative Analyses about Market- and Prevalence-Based Needs for Adapted Physical Education Teachers in the Public Schools in the United States

Jiabei Zhang


The purpose of this study was to analyze quantitative needs for more adapted physical education (APE) teachers based on both market- and prevalence-based models. The market-based need for more APE teachers was examined based on APE teacher positions funded, while the prevalence-based need for additional APE teachers was analyzed based on students requiring APE services. All relative data available in The 27th Annual Report to Congress (USDE, 2007) and a national APE job survey (Kelly & Gansneder, 1998) were used. Results indicate that 640 more qualified APE teachers are needed to fill out all the APE positions currently funded (a shortage of 9.15%) and 20,087 more qualified APE teachers are required to meet needs by all the students requiring APE services (a shortage of 75.96%), resulting in a substantial difference of 19,447 additional APE teachers with full certifications needed between the prevalence- and market-based models (a shortage difference of 66.81%). Implications of these results are discussed in this article.

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