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The Effect of Course Configuration of the Mile Run on Preference and Performance of Elementary School Runners

Adam Sheppard, Daniela A. Rubin, Clay P. Sherman, Debra L. Patterson


Currently, there is no standardized course configuration for the administration of the mile run/walk (MRW) test. This study assessed the effect of altering the MRW course configuration on student preference for configurations, student performance during the test, and perception of exertion after the test. Participants completed the MRW test under two different course configurations (5-lap vs. 10-lap). Participating students were divided into an experimental group (n=77) running a 5-lap and a 10-lap MRW configuration and two control groups: a 5-lap MRW configuration (n=17), and a 10-lap MRW configuration (n=21). Before and after running both configurations, students indicated a preference toward the 5-lap MRW. No significant differences were observed for overall MRW time, although the average 10-lap time was lower than the 5-lap time. No differences between track configurations were observed for perceived exertion, perception of running performance or enjoyment. Findings suggest that altering the dimensions of the MRW has no effect on student performance.

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