Curricular Issues in Urban High School Physical Education


  • Robert Schmidlein Manhattanville Colle
  • Brad Vickers Mississippi State University
  • Rose Chepyator-Thomson University of Georgia


Curriculum, Urban Physical Education, Lack of Equipment, Diverse Populations


Urban physical education curriculum articles are sparsely published in major educational journals (Chepyator-Thomson et al., 2008; Culp, 2005). This leaves urban physical educators the daunting task to modify and prepare curriculum based on formal class training and educational workshops and to interpret journal articles to be applied to the urban setting (Constantinou, 2011; Schmidlein, 2008). Moreover, as of fall 2012, only one textbook has been published regarding urban physical education. The purpose of this article was to examine high school physical educators’ issues with curriculum. Furthermore, the primary end result was to offer suggestions to practicing educators to help modify curriculum to meet the needs of large class sizes, lack of equipment, and working with diverse populations (Chase et al., 2011). 

Author Biographies

Robert Schmidlein, Manhattanville Colle

Manhattanville College

Assistant Professor

Brad Vickers, Mississippi State University

Mississippi State University

Department of Kinesiology

Assistant Professor

Rose Chepyator-Thomson, University of Georgia

University of Georgia

Department of Kinsiology