Pre-Service Teachers’ Observations of Experienced Teachers


  • Jayne M. Jenkins University of Wyoming


Pre-service teacher, observation, teacher knowledge


Assigning pre-service teachers to observe experienced teachers is a common practice in teacher preparation programs. The purpose of this study was to identify what physical education pre-service teachers observe when watching an experienced teacher. While enrolled in a methods of teaching physical education course and engaged in their second practicum experience, pre-service teachers (n = 17) observed multiple lessons taught by experienced physical education teachers and took observation notes. Based on Cochran, DeRuiter, and King’s (1993) model of teacher knowledge, three themes emerged from the observations: (a) pedagogy, (b) pedagogy and students, and (c) pedagogy, students, and subject matter. Physical education teacher education programs may help pre-service teachers establish pedagogies early so they can focus on students learning content as soon as possible in the early field experience. Additionally, enhancing pre-service teachers’ content knowledge prior to scheduled observations of experienced teachers could help these novices move quickly from focusing on pedagogies to focusing on students learning subject matter content. 

Author Biography

Jayne M. Jenkins, University of Wyoming

Division of Kinesiology and Health