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Student-Authored Case Studies as a Reflective Component of Teacher Education

Kevin Andrew Rosse-Richards, Michael A. Hemphill, Wesley J. Wilson


Field experiences are often conceptualized as integral to teacher education programming. However, there are often inconsistencies between the beliefs and values espoused in teacher education and those pre-service teachers encounter in schools that they must navigate to be successful. Among other strategies, writing case studies about their experiences may help pre-service teachers critically reflect on their time in schools. To illustrate the utility of student-authored case studies, data are presented from an investigation involving students in a teacher education seminar course. Results indicate that students believed they benefited from the structure of the writing assignment and thought that writing case studies helped them to prepare more completely for issues they would face in their future careers. A case study written by a student teacher is also presented and discussed. Finally, strategies for introducing and implementing student-authored case studies in PE teacher education programs are examined.


health and physical education teacher education; field experiences; reflection

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