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Authentic Assessment in Physical Education: A Case Study of Game Sense Pedagogy

Steve Georgakis, Rachel Wilson, John Robert Evans


The use and promotion of the term authentic assessment (AA) in the literature and among physical education (PE) practitioners is widespread. However, the meaning and application of this concept are misunderstood, in education generally, in its application to PE, and in its application to specific pedagogical approaches within PE, such as Game Sense. The purpose for writing this two-part paper was to clarify the term AA and provide insight into the challenges for such assessment in Game Sense pedagogy. In part one, we provide a conceptual and theoretical background to AA, drawing on a model from higher education to clarify key characteristics. In doing so, we outline why the term is problematic in PE. In part two, we draw on interviews with practicing PE teachers to highlight the issues in Game Sense assessment from their perspective, and we present strategies to address those issues.


physical education assessment

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