Effect of Physical Education Teachers' Computer Literacy on Technology Use in Physical Education


  • Rolf Kretschmann University of Dortmund, Germany




physical education, physical education teachers, computer literacy, technology integration, technology uses in education, teacher competencies,


Teachers’ computer literacy has been identified as a factor that determines their technology use in class. The aim of this study was to investigate the relationship between physical education (PE) teachers’ computer literacy and their technology use in PE. The study group consisted of 57 high school level in-service PE teachers. A survey was used to assess the PE teachers’ computer literacy and instructional technology and media use in PE. Quantitative statistical procedures were performed to analyze the data. The majority of the PE teachers did not often use technology in PE. PE teachers’ computer literacy had an effect on their technology use in PE. PE teachers’ use of information and communication technologies (ICTs) such as laptops, Internet, and digital cameras showed statistically significant differences in their computer literacy levels (low, average, and high). The surveyed PE teachers tended to not use technology in PE. However, the higher their computer literacy level was, the more likely they were to include technology in PE.

Author Biography

Rolf Kretschmann, University of Dortmund, Germany


(prior: University of Texas at El Paso, Assistant Professor, Department of Kinesiology)