Identifying the Common Characteristics of Comprehensive School Physical Activity Programs in Louisiana


  • Kyrie’ Deslatte Louisiana State University
  • Russell L. Carson Louisiana State University


The purpose of this project was to (a) determine the common characteristics of current comprehensive school physical activity programs (CSPAP) in Louisiana and (b) identify strategies for implementing a CSPAP. Four individuals (i.e., one physical education teacher, one principal, and two classroom teachers) were recruited from three public schools in Louisiana and asked to (a) complete the national CSPAP survey, (b) complete a follow-up self-designed e-mailed question set, and (c) participate in individual in-person interviews. The data were analyzed quantitatively and qualitatively. Survey results showed that participating schools implemented at least one other CSPAP component beyond physical education, and the CSPAP activities implemented within each component varied across schools. Two overall themes emerged across participant groups and schools: (a) an overarching network of individuals to facilitate CSPAP implementation is necessary and (b) the physical education teacher is integral to implementing a CSPAP. The conclusion of the study was that physical education teachers should strive to have at least their principal and a stakeholder, specifically a classroom teacher, supporting their CSPAP efforts to ensure successful CSPAP implementation.