Failure to Rehire: Why Coaches Get Fired


  • Craig Stewart Montana State University–Bozeman


The purpose of this work was to identify reasons coaches were not rehired in public school coaching positions. The intent was to use this information for content modification of courses in coach education. At the entry level, coaches are too often concerned only with their particular sport and how to develop successful athletes or winning teams. To fully prepare beginners in the stressful profession of coaching, novices must understand and accept that their success and longevity in coaching will be impacted by expectations other than winning. Athletic directors and principals from a northwest Rocky Mountain state were surveyed as part of a periodic evaluation of the state association's online coach education program. Two of the questions asked were as follows: 

If you did not rehire (fire) a coach in the last 3 years, what were the reasons?

What are the primary weaknesses you experience with beginning coaches? 

 Approximately 50% of sport administrators responded. Their answers were analyzed and implications for the education of future coaches were found.