Quantitative Methodology: A Guide for Emerging Physical Education and Adapted Physical Education Researchers

Justin A. Haegele, Samuel R. Hodge


Emerging professionals, particularly senior-level undergraduate and graduate students in kinesiology who have an interest in physical education for individuals with and without disabilities, should understand the basic assumptions of the quantitative research paradigm. Knowledge of basic assumptions is critical for conducting, analyzing, and presenting research of high quality in this arena. In this tutorial paper, we present information essential to understanding the assumptions undergirding the quantitative research paradigm including the logic of hypothesis testing and sampling. Moreover, we describe key aspects of true and quasi-experimental research designs commonly used in quantitative studies.


Research Paradigm; Disability; Sampling Procedures; Tutorial.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.18666/TPE-2015-V72-I5-6133


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