Starting to Uncover the Mystery of Interdisciplinary Research in Kinesiology


  • David P. Schary Winthrop University
  • Bradley J. Cardinal



Collaboration, Multidisciplinary, Transdisciplinary, Fragmentation, Exercise Science, Qualitative


The multidisciplinary nature of kinesiology seems to be an ideal configuration for conducting interdisciplinary research. Proposed as a potential solution to overcome fragmentation, interdisciplinary research has a role within kinesiology that remains unknown. In this study, we explored kinesiologists’ perceptions of interdisciplinary research, including perceived benefits and limitations. Kinesiologists (n = 45) from academia, the majority from Europe and North America (76.2%), answered a primarily open-ended, seven-question Internet survey. The overarching themes determined via open coding were Benefits (i.e., the positive aspects to conducting interdisciplinary research) and Limitations (i.e., the challenges to conducting interdisciplinary research), each with eight subthemes. Overall, the participants felt interdisciplinary research was valuable, but each had legitimate reservations, creating a contradictory environment that causes tension between the perceived benefits and limitations. Until the tension can be resolved, interdisciplinary research will continue to remain on the fringes of kinesiology research.

Author Biography

David P. Schary, Winthrop University

Department of Physical Education, Sport and Performance

Assistant Professor