Action Research as an Agent for Enhancing Teaching and Learning in Physical Education: A Physical Education Teacher’s Perspective


  • Rosemary Keegan New English School



action research, collaboration, reflection, physical education


Introduction: Action research is a useful method for implementing change through its spiral of plan, act, observe, and reflect, but little research has been published on it in the area of physical education. The purpose of this intervention was to assess the effectiveness of action research as an agent of change and its impact on enhancing my teaching and the learning experience of students in physical education. This was class-based research, which acted as a form of CPD to enhance my classroom practice. Method: I adopted a repeated spiral of plan, act, observe, and reflect to implement incremental changes through critical reflection. Results: Action research was effective in enhancing teaching and the learning of the students. Discussion: It became a collaborative and empowering approach between myself and the students, and it lent itself to creating, sharing, and generating knowledge, thus creating a community of practice between myself and my colleagues. Conclusion: Action research is a useful agent of change because it can be tailored to the needs of the teacher. It should be a compulsory component of teacher education courses, and it should be considered an essential skill for lifelong learning for teachers.

Author Biography

Rosemary Keegan, New English School

Head of physical education, New English School.