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New Graduate Entry: Students’ Transition to an Adapted Physical Education Graduate Program

Takahiro Sato, Amaury Samalot-Rivera, Francis M. Kozub


The purpose of this study was to describe and explain master of arts students’ academic and social experiences during the transition to an adapted physical education (APE) graduate program. In this study, we used the theory of transition, which allowed us to understand students’ transition to graduate studies and to assist them in connecting to the academic support needed to cope with their changing circumstances. Seven APE master’s students (3 men and 4 women) participated in the study, which had a descriptive-qualitative design. The data sources were a demographic questionnaire, face-to-face interviews, and the program of graduate study (archival record). Interview data were analyzed using a constant comparative method, and results in themes related to (a) difficulty in academic transition to the graduate program, (b) relationships with program faculty, and (c) experiential learning. To better support APE graduate students, we encourage academic departments, administrators, faculty, and all students to learn how to view themselves as playing various roles, such as academic advisor, graduate student, graduate assistant, and fellowship graduate student.


Adapted Physical Education; Transition; Graduate Program; Master Students; Graduate Entry

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