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Effects of Teacher-to-Student Relatedness on Adolescent Male Motivation in a Weight Training Class

Zack Beddoes, Keven Prusak, David Barney, Carol Wilkinson


The purpose of this study was to determine if the motivational profiles of male junior high weight training students differ across levels of teacher-to-student relatedness. One hundred and sixty six students participated in one of two units of instruction. Contextual motivation was measured using the Sport Motivation Scale II–Physical Education (SMS II–PE). Situational motivation and relatedness measurements were assessed using the Situational Motivation Scale-Physical Education (SIMS–PE), Amotivation Inventory–Physical Education Scale (AI–PE), and the Interpersonal Behavior Scale (IBS). Results revealed that situational motivation was not affected by the intervention in either group. Significant differences were observed in students’ contextual motivation. That is, both within-groups’ contextual motivation increased. Though the intervention did not reveal significant differences in students’ situational motivation, it may confirm the complimentary nature of relatedness and autonomy constructs in fostering student self-determination in a physical education setting.


self-determination, physical education, junior high boys, middle school

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