Physical Education Teacher Perceptions of Teacher Evaluation


  • Jason Norris Texas A&M International University
  • Hans van der Mars Arizona State University
  • Pamela Kulinna Arizona State University
  • Audrey Amrein-Beardsley Arizona State University
  • Jayoun Kwon Arizona State University
  • Michael Hodges William Patterson University



High stakes decisions, performance based, marginalized subjects, value-added models


Purpose: The purpose of this study was to develop a better understanding of current PE teachers’ perceptions of teacher evaluation systems. Method: A mixed methods approach was used and two sources of data collection were used: (a) a short survey of PE teachers (n = 22) in one urban school district and (b) a formal semistructured interview with 10 PE teachers from the same school district. Results: Statements from the survey showed low level of agreement in the following areas: (a) PE was a priority, (b) evidence of student growth and achievement were important factors of teacher evaluation in PE, and (c) PE teachers were confident in evaluation system and evaluators ability to determine effectiveness of PE teacher. Three common themes were revealed from the interviews: (a) PE is valued, but not prioritized; (b) teacher evaluation in PE is greatly needed, yet not transparent; and (c) physical educators are not confident in their evaluators. Conclusion: Results are consistent with current literature suggesting that (a) PE remains a marginalized subject with low priority; (b) teacher evaluation systems are not tailored toward noncore subjects; (c) and PE teachers, like classroom teachers, are not confident that their evaluators can give a fair and valid assessment.

Author Biographies

Jason Norris, Texas A&M International University

Assistant Professor in Kinesiology Department of Curriculum and Pedagogy

Hans van der Mars, Arizona State University

Professor of Physical Education 

Pamela Kulinna, Arizona State University

Professor of Physical Education

Audrey Amrein-Beardsley, Arizona State University

Associate Professor

Jayoun Kwon, Arizona State University

Doctoral Candidate of Physical Education

Michael Hodges, William Patterson University

Assistant Professor in Kinesiology