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Adoption of Comprehensive School Physical Activity Programs: A Literature Review

Kari Hunt, Michael Metzler


Recent research has provided preliminary insight into the implementation of Comprehensive School Physical Activity Program (CSPAP) components in P–12 schools, but additional empirical support is needed to establish the CSPAP model as a viable conceptual framework. The purpose of this review is to examine the extent to which the CSPAP framework is currently being adopted and implemented in schools, by each CSPAP component and holistically as a model. Specifically, the review consists of three thematic areas: (a) CSPAP single and multicomponent outcomes based on empirical studies, (b) barriers and facilitators associated with CSPAP adoption, and (c) suggestions for future research and methodological considerations aimed at advancing CSPAP adoption. The information provided in this review expands the knowledge base, which is necessary to transform CSPAP theory into an adoptable and sustainable model for schools.

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physical education; physical activity; comprehensive school physical activity program

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