An Examination of Physical Education Teachers’ Perceptions of Utilizing Contemporary Music in the Classroom Environment: A Qualitative Approach


  • David C. Barney Brigham Young University
  • Francis T. Pleban Tennessee State University



Physical Education Teachers, Music


Objectives: To provide further information regarding physical education (PE) teachers’ perceptions of incorporating music in PE lessons and to evaluate the influence of music on the classroom environment using a qualitative approach. Method: Electronic survey interviews were conducted with 26 veteran PE instructors (10 male, 16 female), from 7 states and 24 schools (7 elementary schools, 15 middle schools, 4 high schools). Participant teaching experience ranged from 1 to 25 years. Results: Analyses of interview transcripts revealed four major themes concerning the use of music in the PE environment: (1) classroom management, (2) student learning, (3) class climate, and (4) music as a motivational tool. Two repeating themes within the major theme of classroom management were the assistance of music in starting and stopping class activities. Other classroom environmental factors within the major themes of student learning, class climate, and music as a motivational tool were specific to student focus, the predilection of contemporary music by students in the classroom, and perceived increased motivation in classroom activities by students, respectively. Conclusions: Study findings point to the fact PE teachers find music as a helpful tool to assist in class activities. Incorporated during class activities, music may help to create a positive class climate, serving as a tool to help PE teachers manage students and keep them on task. Subscribe to TPE

Author Biographies

David C. Barney, Brigham Young University

I have been in higher education since 2001.  I have taught at North Dakota State University, Oklahoma State University and presently at Brigham Young University.  I taught in the Utah & Florida  public school systems for 6 years.

Francis T. Pleban, Tennessee State University

Francis is an assistant professor at Tennessee State.  He has taught at Grand Valley State University, Central Washingtin University and North Dakota State University.