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A Descriptive Analysis of the Application of PETE Standards

Andrea R. Taliaferro, Suzan F. Ayers, Lynn Housner


Background: In 2008, Ayers and Housner published a descriptive analysis of undergraduate PETE programs’ application of the 2003 NASPE standards. The shift in emphases from the 2003 to 2008 standards motivated the examination of how U.S. PETE programs address current standards. Purpose: Based upon recommendations for future research, this study investigated how the 2008 NASPE beginning teacher standards are assessed. Technology, diversity, and adapted physical education (APE) were also analyzed. Method: Data were collected from 156 PETE program directors through a revised version of the Ayers and Housner online survey. Results: Programs utilized a variety of methods to assess teacher candidates’ (TC) skills, with methods of assessing each standard reported. An increased number of programs required a multicultural/cultural diversity course (77.2%), APE coursework (96.5%), and at least one technology course (91%). Discussion: PETE programs have continued to improve in faculty and TC diversity as well as responding to standards. Future standards must be written to address identified weaknesses.

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PETE programs; standards; program evaluation; teacher education

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