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A Document Analysis of Teacher Evaluation Systems Specific to Physical Education

Jason M. Norris, Hans van der Mars, Pamela Kulinna, Jayoun Kwon, Audrey Amrein-Beardsley


Purpose: The purpose of this document analysis study was to examine current teacher evaluation systems, understand current practices, and determine whether the instrumentation is a valid measure of teaching quality as reflected in teacher behavior and effectiveness specific to physical education (PE). Method: An interpretive document analysis study was conducted on three teacher evaluation systems with documents collected from 10 school districts from the western United States. The three teacher evaluation systems were (a) the Danielson Framework for Teaching (FFT), (b) the Teacher Advancement Program (TAP), and (c) Marzano’s Teacher Evaluation Model. The National Association of Sport and Physical Education (NASPE) PE teacher evaluation instrument was used in this study as a comparative tool to determine whether the targeted knowledge, skills, and behaviors within PE settings were present within the three teacher evaluation systems. Findings: Two systems had a high percentage of the NASPE key items present (TAP 87.5%, FFT 82.5%). The Marzano model had the least number of NASPE key items present within its system (62.5%). Conclusion: The TAP and FFT tools appear to be appropriate for use in evaluating PE teachers, contingent on at least two criteria: (a) school administrators having completed proper training on the use of the evaluation tool and (b) the evaluator having adequate PE-specific content knowledge and pedagogical content knowledge.

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Teacher evaluation; physical education accountability; high stakes teacher evaluation;

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