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In-Depth Analysis of a Teacher’s Experience Implementing Sport Education in an After-School Context

Zachary Wahl-Alexander, Ben Schwamberger, Darren Neels


The Comprehensive School Physical Activity Program approach has been suggested to provide students with additional opportunities for physical activity (PA) outside of traditional physical education (PE). Although research suggests that this program is successful at increasing children’s levels of PA, research on implementing pedagogical models to provide additional benefits has been limited. The purpose of this study was to analyze a teacher’s experience of implementing Sport Education (SE) in an after-school context. The participant in this study was the PE teacher at the elementary school where the SE program occurred. Data were gathered from document analysis, formal interviews, and reflective journaling. Data analysis occurred through coding and categorizing each data set using analytic induction and constant comparison. The results of this study identified three main themes: specific features of SE that were utilized successfully, how community collaborations helped the success of the club, and constraints that were faced during implementation. The after-school setting in which this club was carried out provided an opportunity for an elongated season that increased the levels of festivity and affiliation. Furthermore, it is recommended that university programs expose preservice teachers to this model.

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Physical education; Sport Education; CSPAP; pre-service teacher; physical activity

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