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“Like, We Don’t Want to Be PE Teachers:” Preservice Classroom Teachers’ Beliefs About Physical Education and Willingness to Incorporate Physical Activity

Jenny Mae Linker, Amelia Mays Woods


The purpose of this study was to examine preservice elementary classroom teachers’ (PCTs) beliefs about physical education and their willingness to incorporate physical activity as they progressed through an undergraduate physical education methods course. This course focused on quality physical education as well as the classroom teacher’s role in school-wide physical activity and required participation in one of three laboratory experiences. Participants (33) completed either focus-group or individual interviews at the beginning and end of the course. Results indicated that PCTs’ beliefs about physical education positively evolved through the course and PCTs gained an appreciation for the subject. Despite this, PCTs strongly indicated that they are not willing to teach physical education lessons as future teachers. They are very willing, however, to incorporate physical activity into their classrooms.

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pre-service classroom teachers; physical education; classroom physical activity

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